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Triple 'S' Auto Broker - Lease or Finance Questions And Answers

Should I Lease or Purchase?

Leasing Advantages:
Please keep in mind, leasing is for everyone not just for business owners or large corporations.

1. Low out of Pocket cash.
2. Low monthly payments.
3. Sales Tax is only paid on the monthly payment. (vs. total sales tax paid in full on a purchase)
4. No trade-in hassle.
5. You can purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease if you so desire.
6. Ideal if you drive less than 25,000 miles per year.
7. Leasing a vehicles allows you to have a new vehicle every 3 - 4 years!

Financing Advantages:

1. For those who drive over 25,000 miles per year
2. For those who keep thier vehicle for over 5 years
3. Vehicle manufacture may have special financing available!
    Which may equal the same low monthly payment as a lease or less over a longer term.

Cash Buyers Advantages:

1. Great for fixed income or if you are retired
2. No monthly payments!